A journey of a flamenco dancer turned visual artist.... As well being an active exhibiting artist, Liana has dedicated herself to helping others achieve their artistic goals through her workshops and classes for Adults, Teens and Children.

Liana Vargas (BVA)

'Laugh' by Alex Frayne, 2018

'Laugh' by Alex Frayne, 2018

Liana started her creative career as a Flamenco dancer and performed in many of the worlds most illustrious Theatres throughout Europe, the United States and Central America.  After nearly 10 years abroad travelling and dancing she returned home to Australia and felt a great need to expand her creativity into the visual arts. Until this time her love of drawing and painting had taken a second place in her life. Her intensive art training followed with a full-time degree in Visual Arts Degree (BVA) at the Adelaide Central School of Art. Not long after receiving her Bachelor of Visual Arts degree Liana was awarded a Winter Artists Residency at the Scuola Internazionale de Grafica in Venice. 

As well being an active exhibiting artist, Liana has dedicated herself to helping others achieve their artistic goals through her workshops and classes for Adults, Teens and Children. Her painting and drawing workshops and classes are offered from Duthy Street Art Supplies, The PaintBox and The Atelier Crafers.

Adding to her South Australian Based painting and drawing tuition Liana is putting her love of exotic locations and vast travelling experience to good use by offering International Art Tours and Painting Retreats / Residencies to Art and Culture enthusiasts. During these beautifully designed journeys, Liana will be your personal guide and art mentor.


For me it’s all about people… 

Actor Paul Blackwell 2019, Oil on Wood

Actor Paul Blackwell 2019, Oil on Wood

 Within the many subjects open to the oil painter, for me it is the Portrait that challenges me technically, emotionally and creatively. 

I believe the secret for successful portrait painting is in the composition.

If I can create an interesting, intimate setting with the right lighting and viewpoint I have greater possibilities for a satisfying outcome. In order to find the right mix for the composition I give a great deal of thought to the apparel worn by the sitter, in what environment should they be situated, where should their gaze be focused, how close or distant should I frame the model and what angle should I utilise to help create their features. The overall colour of the painting plays a great role in defining their personality as well as objects both symbolic and actual can help suggest the portrait sitters occupation.

Material concerns change according to the person I am painting.

What kind of brush strokes should I employ, should I build it up the paint layer by glazed layer or jump in wet-on-wet?  Oil paint is a luscious and sensual product. Controlling and manipulating it often presents problems, yet that is the challenging element and the most gratifying when everything finally comes together… no matter how difficult the journey or how long or quickly it takes to arrive at the finished product.

My portraits are of the Simpatico among us.

The choice of who to paint is very important to me. I prefer not to paint on commission as I want complete autonomy. The people I choose are entirely ‘special’ humans who possess a warmth and inner glow. They are people who have achieved success in their fields and who have perhaps struggled to stay true to their goal. Most importantly the success and respect achieved is equal to their generous giving natures. Life’s difficulties and disappointments have not destroyed them it has empowered them with greater empathy and understanding and it is this that intrigues and delights me and that which I wish to convey through my portrait painting.