Terms / Conditions Art Travel

Terms and Conditions for Art Retreats/Residencies


Please read the following terms and conditions carefully. You must not make any booking(s) unless you understand and agree with the following terms and conditions.

These Booking Terms and Conditions are legally binding between theParticipant(s) herein after referred to as “you”, “your” and/or Participants on the Residency and the Residency organiser, herein after referred to as “us”, “we” and/or “our”.


We are committed to protecting your personal information and agree to handle your personal information in accordance to our privacy policy which is located below.
By providing personal information to us, you agree that our Privacy Policy will apply to how we handle your personal information and you consent to us collecting, using and disclosing your personal information as detailed in our Privacy Policy. In particular, you agree that in certain circumstances (such as where you require us to book international travel for you on your behalf), we are permitted to disclose your personal information to local and overseas recipients. Such recipients may include the local and/or overseas travel service providers (e.g. airlines, accommodation or tour providers) with whom you agree to be booked on your behalf to participate in the tour that we have organised for you to participate in. These travel service providers will in most cases receive your personal information in the country in which they will provide the services to you or in which their business is based. Where we disclose your personal information to any person (including overseas recipients), you agree that we will not be required to ensure that person’s compliance with Australian privacy laws or otherwise be accountable for how they handle your personal information. When used above, “disclose” includes to transfer, share, send, or otherwise make available or accessible to another person or entity.


Use of personal information collected:
We will only collect personal information that is relevant for the purposes for which it is to be used. We will take reasonable steps to ensure that data is reliable for its

intended use, accurate, complete, and current. We may use personally identifiable information in a number of ways, such as:

(A) To communicate with you about your account, or to communicate information about the website.

(B) To provide you with prompt and effective service.


You will be required to pay your deposit of amount specified when registering which is non-refundable for changes of mind or cancellations by you. Final payment is required as agreed.

Upon filling out and signing of the registration form you agree to the fees that have been specified for the particular tour that you have registered for and payments need to be made on dates that have been specified by us.

All prices are subject to availability and can be withdrawn or varied without notice. Fees may be subject to change and are not guaranteed until fully paid by you. Please note that prices quoted are subject to change. Price changes may occur by reason of matters outside our control which increase the cost of the product or service. Such factors include adverse currency fluctuations, fuel surcharges, taxes and airfare increases.

There may be a local tax charged at some airports and we take no responsibility in the payment of this tax.

PLEASE NOTE accommodation reservations will incur a City Tax which is included in your fee.


The submission of the registration form constitutes an acceptance of these Terms and Conditions which take effect immediately.


All individual cancellations must be made in writing to organiser of Residency. Because of our commitments to our partners and bookings there is NO REFUND of any payments made up to that date.


Expenses incurred by you, in preparation for the trip that are not part of the set fee, is not the responsibility of us.

We strongly recommend that you take out appropriate travel insurance to cover your travel arrangements. Your insurance protection should include cover for cancellation, medical and repatriation expenses, personal injury and accident, death and loss of personal baggage and money and personal liability insurance. Travel insurance is strongly recommended by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade for all overseas travel.

We cannot be held responsible for any costs arising from such loss or injury.


You must have a valid passport for international travel and many countries require at least 6 months validity from the date of return and some countries require a machine readable passport. When assisting with an international travel booking, we will assume that you upon the booking have a valid Australian and/or other relevant passport. If this is not the case, you must let us know. It is important that you ensure that you have valid passports, visa and re-entry permits which meet the requirements of immigration and other government authorities. Any fines, penalties, payments or expenditures incurred as a result of such documents not meeting the requirements of those authorities will be your sole responsibility.


You must ensure that you are aware of any health requirements and recommended precautions relevant to your travel and ensure that you carry all necessary vaccination documentation. In some cases, failure to present required vaccination documentation (e.g. proof of Yellow Fever vaccination) may deny you entry into a country. We recommend that you consult with your local doctor, travel medical service or specialist vaccination clinic before commencing your travel. General health advice for the destination you visit is also available from DFAT (seewww.smartraveller.gov.au).

Participants on the tour with pre-existing conditions including but not limited to: illness, diabetes, pregnancy, asthma, gastric reflux, cancer, heart problems, epilepsy, respiratory problems should visit a their General Medical practitioner for a

personal medical examination and obtain a medical clearance that certify them as fully able to participate in the tour as described on the website.

You are responsible for assessing whether this trip is suitable for you.

The organiser of the Residency does not provide medical advice during the trip. It is the Participants responsibility to assess the risks and requirements of each aspect of the trip based on their own unique circumstances, limitations, fitness level and medical requirements.


We recommend that you contact the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade or visit their website at www.smartraveller.gov.au for general travel advice, as well as specific advice (including safety alert levels) relating to the destination you wish to travel to. You can also register your travel plans with DFAT, so that you may be more easily contacted in an emergency.

In any event such as a local natural disaster/accident and/or local issues that doesn’t permit us to achieve part of the tour due to safety reasons, we have the right to cancel at our own discretion.


The organiser of the tour reserves the right in any circumstance to cancel the Residency. In this case, The organiser of the tour will provide a FULL REFUND of any amount paid to date by each participant.