Louise Borgo

Liana is an inspirational teacher. The students adore her. The atmosphere is energetic and yet, there's a space for calm contemplation. My daughter Allie feels it's her 'safe space' where she can explore art under the guidance of a beautiful teacher and kind friend. Liana is without doubt a gifted, passionate and loved teacher who continues to inspire everyone who meets her!

Lesley Deacon

Awesome Lady awesome artist, my Ruby learnt alot from Liana s experience.

Katie Telfer

Liana is incredible; an inspiring teacher, and a gentle creative spirit. Love her small, personal classes where every child has a chance to develop their potential. So fortunate to have my daughter learning and growing with her!

Briali Bedson 

My son and I both have classes with Liana. My painting technique has improved dramatically with Liana's guidance and inspiration, learning a large variety of different techniques along the way. My son enjoys the energetic yet calm atmosphere and remains passionate about art, always thinking what his next subject will be. I highly recommend Liana as a teacher to both adults and children, her passion is contagious and her skills are enviable.

Francie Mewett 

I was a student in the Tamara De Lempicka workshop with Liana at her workshop in Littlehampton and I had an absolutely wonderful time. I look forward to attending many more classes as I am so very happy with my finished painting of my granddaughter. Thank you Liana for being so patient and so giving of your expertise and time.

Angie Fei 

Both my children love coming to Liana's classes. Highly recommend her.

Yolanda del Valle-Buetefuer 

Our son thoroughly enjoyed having Liana as his painting teacher. She has a wonderful way of engaging with kids with an added touch of magic (the kind that all exceptional teachers have) and imaginary wonderment that our kids need in order to explore and extend themselves creatively, with the right amount of theory and art history thrown in. Where were you Liana when I was 9?

Roberto Garcia

Some of the amazing work done at my daughter's art class..... all of them by teenager girls. What's is very clear to me is that you need an amazing teacher to produce something like that..... Hats off Liana Vargas.... hats off..

Jane Allaway

It has been fun. Thanks to Liana; great teacher and for your company Em xx

Jane Jasper

Oh my! They look so awesome on the big screen! I'm still gobsmacked xxx