The Grand Tour 2019

Rome, Tuscany and Florence

Art, Culture, and the highlight of the Journey is the specially designed painting course with Professor Timothy Allen in a restored Medieval Castle

Rome, Tuscany, Florence


4 Nights In Rome

Arrive Wednesday October 2nd 2019

We will stay at Relais Le Clarisse in Trastevere: a unique, intimate and charming historical residence in the vibrant Trastevere district in the heart of Rome. It is the perfect place for those seeking a restful haven from the city’s hustle and bustle. At its centre is a quaint and peaceful fragrant courtyard of olive and lemon, around which some of the rooms are arranged, and a perfect place for breakfast at the start of the day or for relaxing in the evening.


7 Nights at Renaissance Art Retreat

Sunday October 6th to Sunday 13th 2019

An enchanting seven-day getaway at the Castello di Potentino, a Medieval castle in the heart of Tuscany, to paint from life with the goal of creating an oil portrait in a landscape as exemplified in many Renaissance portraits. 

Click here for all the details Renaissance Art Retreat. Click here to go to Castello di Potentino's Website and see what else they have there - it's amazing!


2 Nights in Florence

Sunday 13th and Monday 14th October

We will stay Located in the 16th century historic residence known as Palazzo Guadagni. In Piazza Santo Spirito at the corner of Via Mazzetta around a central courtyard, Palazzo Guadagni stands out with its loggia, renovated as a charming rooftop garden overlooking the historic centre and the Florentine Hills.


Flight information and prices to come; but for the moment dates are Depart Adelaide on Tuesday 1st October - return Tuesday 15th October