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3rd Century Ethiopian Book Binding in Venice

3rd Century Ethiopian Book Binding in Venice

I love travelling (who doesn’t?) but the older I get the idea of going off on my own to foreign locations has been loosing its appeal… perhaps I’m not as brave as I used to be?

There comes a time in life when it all seems just a little bit too hard and too uncomfortable to leave the sanctuary of home.

But I still desire to set out on a journey to experience new things and vistas, to feel that I’m still growing and learning, that there are still wonderful things to look forward to.

As a visual artist and instructor, painting abroad is an extension to the art training and mentoring I offer at home. Seeing up-close the multitude of famous masterpieces by such painters as Velasquez, Cezanne, Tintoretto is a thrill in itself and then being able to un-pack the techniques and processes behind those paintings is absolutely enlightening and great learning.

Apart and from that and in addition to, I want to become familiar and stay abreast of current global trends in contemporary painting. Australians have always been some what isolated. One may argue that this is not the case anymore with the advent of the internet and on-line galleries, but I assure you, nothing beats standing a breath away from a masterpiece !

However, even though I desire to go on an art adventure I desire it to be a rejuvenating experience for mind, body and creative soul. I want to feel safe. To enjoy the company of others who share similar interests as myself… and I want to do this in comfort!

I want to feel that I can bring something of my time away home with me, and I don’t mean a suitcase full of cheap souvenirs but rather something more personal.

I want to have a tactile memory such as an Artists Journal that I can hold in my hand and feel the creativity (good or bad) jump off the page. Or to see my own painting, made under the guidance of a local artist from the country visited, on my wall as I walk through my home. A disaster or a masterpiece, not important, it’s what that painting means to me and where it takes me every time I look at it that matters.

So I set about creating painting retreats and tours that ‘I’ would feel comfortable and excited about attending.


This was 18 months ago and since then I have firmly established my Art Retreats and Tours and have one successful Art Tour under my belt in my Art of Balance Japan 2019 Tour - with great reviews!

It was during this visit to Tokyo and Kyoto that my vision was fully and successfully realised. Where I made new friends who I know will last a life time for we experienced something entirely unique together.

This holiday was a wonderful affirmation that I was on the right and much needed track.